Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crucial revive

This blog may yet be kicked back into life.

Sunday, May 11, 2008



In 3 days I finally head off on my trip which takes in the US (New York, Washington, Detroit), Uk, Germany and finally deposits me, poorer but hopefully more worldly, in Japan where I will attempt to find work.

Dealing at the moment with finishing up my job, final trip preparations, and saying goodbye to my friends. I'm a bit nervous and stressed, and have now given away my mixer and a couple of crates of records to various friends, so I'm lacking new music or the time and tools to listen to it.

Great times though at my leaving party - I somewhat self indulgently assumed control of the supper club's sound system for a night, and positioned some friends and djs I admire in charge of the system. Great music ensued from Mr Bob Daktari (coming through with a mix of anti folk and classic house tunes), Stevie Kaye (a spacy and relaxed Italo/Balaeric set, finishing - excellently - with the original song that was sampled by Jurgen Paape on 'So Weit Wie Noch Nie'), Scott Lelo (great house and techno as usual), and Darin King (once again reminding me that I can't really mix for shit).

It was a great night and reminded me that I'm lucky to know so many people who are as enthusiastic about music as I am. I will miss them and their enthusiasm.

Coming soon (and all going well) - update from New York!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kalabrese - 118 EP

Kalabrese - 118 EP

What better place and time than here on this sunny autumn Saturday for me to talk about a record that I couldn't stop playing all summer.

Kalabrese is a rather wigged out producer from Switzerland who first came to my attention on Akufen's Fabric mix a few years back with a rather mournful and bluesy number called 'set me free'. Following discovery of an amazing record of his from 2006 I have been following him more closely which proved worthwhile given his great album released last year, and this single, sneaking out on excellent Swiss label Phictiv.

The EP kicks into gear with 'Alberto'. Straight away the standard kicks and pops of minimal house are accompanied and overshadowed by clattery live drums. The beat builds, then a twinkling piano melody rolls in from the sky. I love the way this track takes its time to meander its way forward, with gentle Spanish vocals courtesy of guest vocalist Gustavo Delux gradually entering the mix and mingling with a variety of gently echoing synths. The music and vocals build to minor climaxes throughout the track, but this isn't a peak hour dancefloor filler - its just a beautiful track to listen to while watching the day drift by.

Flipping the record brings a more insistent track to light. 'MakeLoveDisco' brings Kalabrese's own vocals in for the first time in the EP, and he's in the mood for lovin' - judging by his vocals on the track, gently intoning "I wanna make love to you... I wanna kiss your lips" while a pulsing bass and the clattery drums push the track on. Soaring backup vocals accentuate rather than overwhelm, and the atmosphere successfully remains slow and sultry throughout. One to dance seductively to (if you are capable of such dance).

On the final track 'Cityblues' the paranoia is kicking in. Guitars chime as Kalabrese again puts his vocals to work - this time in a much more mournful fashion "I see a black tunnel/so I gotta go". Over a heavy bassline the guitars chime and chip rhythmically, while the drums I love so much are less prominent, letting guitars and vocals drive the track.

Listening to many near identical house and techno tracks each week, it is refreshing to hear someone with a distinct personality to their music. None of these tracks will be peaktime floor fillers but instead they take chances with the introduction of different influences and vocals. With his refreshing take on the genre Kalabrese is definitely a producer I will be keeping an eye on.

This blog is a work in progress - at some point in the future I may start posting up links or tracks - but for now I deem anyone reading sufficiently net-savvy to track down anything I talk about if they're that interested in hearing it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Initially this blog was going to be a place for me to blather about music I was into but things have gotten so busy organising my upcoming trip that I haven't managed to do that yet.
What I'll hopefully be putting up is pictures and info from the trip. I may find time to post about music before I leave in a month though.

Till then.